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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Surveys

With the increased use of smartphones, the number of internet users has significantly improved over the years. With more users, understanding the digital buyer journey is a daunting task for every business. Surveys play an essential role in knowing the audience's interests in the digital era.


Many digital surveys focus on measuring various key performance indicators of the business model. Thumbs up and down surveys are one of the most intuitive feedback forms. These surveys generally use the thumbs-up emoji to record a positive response and the thumbs-down symbol to record a negative experience. Once the reaction is recorded, the users will tell us more about their feedback in the comment section available below the response.

Why Use GotIncite

GotIncite is a 360-degree feedback system that allows gathering all the feedback data from multiple sources. The data collected can form significant Thumbs up and thumbs down questionnaire forms for different respondents. Below are a few critical constraints that GotIncite considers before designing thumbs up and thumbs down questionnaire form for any business.


Credible Data Sources

Before creating thumbs up and thumbs down feedback forms, GotIncite ensures all the data attained from the surveys are utilized to a full extent by the potential users. The best practice to do this is to have sufficient and appropriate rates. Our team continually works on modifying the tool and preparing a questionnaire to acknowledge various digital perspectives in the ongoing digital transformation.


Core Competency Levels

The GotIncite is designed after finding the core competency levels of each business. The tool will generate questionnaires that can highlight these competencies to the customers by framing up the questions around them. The device can also identify the new core competencies based on the favorable features feedback received.



The GotIncite tool clinches anonymity among the respondents while answering the online survey form. Our survey platform can help your business identify its unique interests and the audience's generalized behavioral pattern. Maintaining obscurity about filling forms can also be the best way to get the respondents' truthful answers.


Identifying the Problems

While designing the questions, our platform tool aims to find your business' underlying problems from the customer's perspective. This can help your company formulate the questionnaire to find out the sole reasons for the issues. These questions can be related to quality, quantity, demand, price, and many other customer-related aspects.

Qualified Research Mechanism

Research is one of the prime success factors for any digital review. GotIncite offers a well-qualified research mechanism that enables businesses to nurture customers by asking them relevant feedback questions about the company. This way, your business will be able to address customers more often and with ease.

Once all these feedback prerequisites are available, the and GotIncite generates the thumbs up and thumbs down questionnaire form circulated to the target audience. Below is the workflow procedure we follow to broadcast the feedback forms.

Prepare the feedback forms with questions related to different customer aspects and business requirements.

Collect the feedback from the respondents.

Start discussions on the digital platforms based on the feedback received.

Analyze the debate thoroughly and implement them in the business plan as soon as possible.


Types of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Surveys That Can Be Done Using Catalyst 360

E-Mail Thumb Surveys

SMS Thumb Surveys

Web Thumb Surveys

Link Thumb Surveys

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