“GotIncite gets valuable insights from your customers and how they really feel about your services”

Food Services Industries

The food and beverage industry is experiencing competition like never before. With the digital world growing, customers' thoughts and reviews play a crucial role in a business's success. GotIncite has developed a survey platform that conducts meaningful surveys for your customers.

Customer loyalty is the key growth driver in the food sector. GotIncite's platform will help spike up the customer satisfaction of your food business. See consistent growth of the company by conducting meaningful brand, customer, and employee experience surveys.


Benefits of GotIncite Food Customer Engagement Surveys


Find out the preferred food choices of your customers.


Incorporate the necessary technology that can make your customers visit effortless


Know the priority levels of your customers for different aspects like ambiance, cleanliness, delivery speed, food quality, etc. when they visit your store


Capture useful customer data by conducting various surveys at various stages of the sales funnel


Enhance customer satisfaction to convert your customers to permanent visitors

Measure the ROI of your Customer Experience

Understanding the correlation between the ROI and the customer experience program is necessary for every business in the food industry. Using GotIncite, an intelligent feedback management system, allows you to choose the right customer experience metrics like NPS and customer effort score. The intuitive reporting and tech-friendly dashboard provide you a deep insight into every survey conducted.

Segment the customers based on the CSAT score

Once all surveys have been collected, your organization can analyze the reports. Based on the different scores, you can customize them into various segments. Your organization can also use this platform to target your customer's desired food products.

Brand Management Surveys

Great food branding can make your customers crave and desire your products.

At GotIncite, we help the food business owners develop food branding surveys that can help the food business owners enhance their brand awareness among the customers.

Benefits of GotIncite Food Brand Management Surveys


Help business to be the most recognizable brand of the food sector


Create an emotional bond with your customers and let them relate to your products and services


Align your branding strategies with the short- and long-term business goals


Know your target audience and the reasons for choosing your food over others.


Build a strong brand story that can urge your customers to try your products

Innovative Thumbs Up & Thumbs down Surveys

Any individual often has an obvious choice of the foods they love to eat. It is either a like or a dislike they have towards the food you offer. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down survey to get a clear opinion of your customers.

Track Brand Performance

Track your brand performance across various channels by using the innovative dashboards and reporting style of GotIncite. Use the tool to find out the correct KPI's of your brand and its results over any period.

Employee Engagement Surveys

GotIncite also has an employee engagement survey platform that can be used for your business' internal needs. Engaging and learning what is vital to your employees helps with productivity and retention.

GotIncite creates employee engagement surveys that help your organization determine how to incorporate patience and problem-solving abilities into your entire workforce.

Benefits of GotIncite Food Employee Engagement Surveys


Develop a mission that your employees stand behind


Create a friendly culture and work environment


Know what needs to be improved in the workplace


Maintain transparency with your employees

Retain the potential employees

By utilizing GotIncite's surveys, you identify the skills, positives, and negatives that your employees are feeling. Use the feedback obtained to recognize, reward, and retain the best talents of your organization.

Maximize revenue generated

Employee productivity and efficiency have a direct impact on the revenue generated for any business. Know the reasons for employee absenteeism, lack of interest, etc.,

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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