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Reputation Management

With GotIncite, you now have the option to respond to all of your online reviews from one platform.

When a user visits your website, they must have a positive experience. GotIncite has developed an online survey tool that is available to users that visit your website. Our online survey platform helps your business collect and analyze customer feedback.

Why GotIncite?

GotIncite helps businesses gain new customers, connect to the existing customers, and deliver the best customer experience available. By utilizing our survey platform, your company will increase its brand image while maintaining loyalty.

Know your score:

With GotIncite, your organization will know your score. This info is pulled from all the factors affecting your reputation - Online reviews, social media, star ratings, and more. We use our sophisticated systems to calculate the unique score and update it to reflect the real-time results. Also, your organization will be able to check how your score measures up with the competition.

GotIncites you to see how your organization is holding up to your competitors through various industry-specific measurements. Your organization will be able identify strengths or weaknesses instantaneously and know where to concentrate your efforts.

Traffic Insights:

Our traffic insights monitor and analyze actions from your listings like site visits, clicks-to-call, direction requests, and more - allowing your organization to fine-tune your online presence and drive more business.


Turn Information into Action:

Leverage profound learning to uncover trends in online reviews, social media, and surveys. Here are a few ways to improve your reputation management

Develop a game plan on how/when to respond to reviews.

With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok being the leading social media sites, your organization needs to determine which social media sites are right for you.

When responding to negative customer reviews, it is essential to respond professionally. Your response is public.

Conducting Feedback Research


Step #1

Research – GotIncite beings by researching and identifying the top searched phrase for your industry. This may include name, title, keyword, or services.


Step #2

Our team develops a strategy to accomplish your organization’s biggest goals.


Step #3

Content Creation – GotIncite knows the importance of great content. Our team will help develop content that is specific to your organization.


Step #4

GotIncite also can create websites, company directories, social media accounts, existing forums, and other proprietary resources that are monitored and influenced as part of the reputation management process.


Step #5

Promotion – Our team will divide your content and properties into three distinct groups to streamline the promotion.




Meet customers where they are. Be first to connect to your customers through their cell phones so that you can collect useful feedback.


Reporting and Analytics:

Collect, analyze, and share business data. This process can define your business reputation and help in knowing what needs improvement. Easily share continuous feedback with the organization to set changes.


Managed Services:

We verify each of your listings regularly to make sure it stays up-to-date and accurate. Constantly audit listings for accuracy and to quickly spot the issues.


Social Media Manager:

Our social media manager monitors your organization’s social media pages so that there is always a representative available to respond to comments, posts, and reviews.


Email Alert and Response Notifications:

We notify you of any new review email to your inbox and have the option to send the review through the mail directly.


Intuitive Monitoring:

We monitor the review sites for new reviews and deliver automatic reports to the organization.



Feedback Systems

GotIncite is online survey software that can conduct reputation management surveys. These surveys help the business attain 360-degree feedback, which can help your organization understand the customer’s experience from start to finish.


Real-Time Notifications

Our GotIncite survey tool enables real-time notifications tied to every survey that is sent. Your organization will be notified whenever a customer completes a survey.


Short and Simple Surveys

As a customer experience management software, GotIncite creates surveys that are easy for the customers to answer. Our platform is a quick and easy way for customers to respond to the study and notify your organization of how their experience was.


Detailed Reporting

GotIncite’s custom survey reporting allows your organization to obtain detailed information and trends of your customers’ experiences.


Scheduling the Survey Forms

With GotIncite, creating your surveys is easy! Your organization can prepare surveys before and after a particular event or product launch of your business. Scheduling can help the company to circulate the feedback without any delay to the tarted customers.


Boost Up the SEO Rankings

A well-formulated GotIncite feedback survey helps your organization eliminate your business’s negative reviews, which can significantly impact your social media page rankings. The higher the scale, the higher the digital traffic, and the revenue generated for your business.


Set Competitive Benchmarks

Once your company’s online surveys are complete, our platform allows organizations to compare the generated reviews, stars, ratings, or feedback with competitors. This comparison can help you identify your business’s new unique selling points and thus set benchmarks in your respective industries.


Eliminate the Irrelevancy

With the help of reputation management surveys designed by GotIncite, your business can find the features with low traction. These surveys can also help find the wrong perception of the audience about the utilization or characteristics of specific products or services.

How it works


Intuitive Builder

Sophisticated functionalities simplified. Create and modify multiple surveys with just a few clicks.


Use a Template or Design Your Own

Utilize one of our already designed templates or create a survey on your own. Either way, the process is straight forward and simple.


Select Your Audience

Reaching the right audience to get valuable feedback to increase the organization’s performance.


Simple Survey

Make it easy for the audience to give their feedback


Distribute the Survey

Send the survey via SMS, email, or social media


End Result

Analyze the result - get real-time insights

Types of survey

Customers experience

Product experience

Brand experience

Employees experience

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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