Health Care Surveys

Get real-time feedback with customized surveys that meet the fast-paced demands and unique needs of the healthcare industry.

GotIncite provides surveys for the health care industry. Surveys can be created for both healthcare professionals and patients. These surveys collect data from feedback that is submitted. Our surveys ensure that medical professions are providing top notch medical care and that employees are feeling understood and valued.


Why GotIncite

Capture patient’s experience, staff responsiveness, facility rating, and overall performance of the healthcare industry.

Measure how passionate health-care workers are about their jobs, their interactions with their boss, their software, their teams, and hundreds of other things.

Quickly identify the changes that will help doctors and staff do an even better job to increase their health quality.

Improve employee health and well-being to understand employees’ wellness preference in the workplace and optimize to provide long-term value, both for employees and your business, which is directly proportional to the employee’s performance at work.


Reasons to Improve Employee Experience & Patient Experience


Health Provider Systems are not Enough to measure Employee Experiences

Health Provider Systems were created to know the employee’s experience and customer satisfaction but did not give adequate results. It was time-consuming to collect the data, and he did not meet the essential requirements of the healthcare sector. Investing in GotIncite will provide your organization with practical perspectives from all fields that lead to employer/employees and patient care.



With the GotIncite, your organization can improve employee experience, patient experience, and employee’s well-being, decreasing employee and patient turnover. Our surveys invite employees and patients to speak their minds, which contributes to retention and cost savings.


Improved Employees and Patient Retention

Members in the healthcare industry will not only increase retention by investing in employee satisfaction and patient experience but also by gaining new patients, improving employee performance, and growing market share.




Effectively identify the problems, manage, record, and prioritize the customer’s experience and know what their likes and dislikes are, and get real insights on the areas of improvement.


Increased Opportunities

Create opportunities on each phase in knowing customers in deep, and engage closer to build a good rapport with the customers


Intuitive Dashboard

Our dashboard is user-friendly, straightforward, and gives real-time reports that automatically generate the information with the most suitable graphs.



Understand what your customers say about your business. And combine it with other data into a single source of intelligence for action.

Types of Healthcare Analysis

Patient satisfaction

Dental care

Physician performance evaluation

Hospital performance evaluation

Monitor community wellness

Employees and staff satisfaction

General practice


Medical research

Employees’ wellness survey

How it works

Create a form using these simple steps



Select your Audience

Before you start with your analysis, pick the right audience. Age, gender, region, job status, marital status, income, etc.



Send your feedback

You can create your template or use one of our templates designed for you.



Analyse the results

You can analyse the results like real-time results and export the report with excel

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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