“GotIncite gets valuable insights from your customers and how they really feel about your services”

Media Experience Management

Be the Top Noch Digital Media Publisher By Gauging the Customer Experience from Various Channels

The media industry is evolving continuously to address the ongoing digital transformation. To enable a smoother digital transition, publishers should leverage the revenue generated to a great extent. To do this, every publisher has to ensure that they provide their customers with a delighting customer experience that can drive customer loyalty. GotIncite is a professional customer experience management software that can help the media publishers know and analyze customer feedback across every digital touchpoint.


Rule the Media Industry by Enticing Your Customers Like Never Before

Use GotIncite's 360-degree feedback system to understand your business's various brands, employees, and customer perspectives. Be a world-class media publisher by continually improving the experience you provide for your employers, products, and brand.

Customer Engagement Surveys

Media publishing is one of the most challenging industries as every content that comes out from any media publisher directly reaches the audience. The more they spend on watching the digital content published, the higher will be the revenue generated. Know what grabs the audience's attention by using GotIncite's innovative customer engagement feedback forms.

Engage your audience such that they perform the necessary actions on your digital channels. Use the intuitive dashboards and reports generated by GotIncite tools to understand your business's loopholes and enhance your customer experience.

Benefits of GotIncite's Customer Engagement Surveys


Find innovative methods to provide exciting content to your customers.


Provide the right information related to customer experience to your teams at the appropriate time to get the desired results


Enhance the digital channel interacts by staying connected with your customers at every digital touchpoint


Find the loopholes of your customer experience management that drive zero income to your investment and eliminate them as soon as possible.


Develop an easy-to-use customer-centric system with the help of the intuitive report style of the tool

Brand Management Surveys

Media is so connected to human lives; there can't be even a single day that the audience disconnects from media channels. With this increased demand, being a reputed media brand can be a challenging task. Worry no more; with GotIncite's brand management surveys, you can be the preferable media brand. Monitor and track your business performance as a brand. Be a leading media brand with a unique brand strategy.

Benefits of GotIncite's Brand Management Surveys


Maintain brand consistency across various online and offline channels


Optimize brand strategy by running A/B tests using the ingenious reports


Develop a brand personality that articulates the mission and vision of your business


Make your business a successful brand in the quickest time possible.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement is a crucial factor for any business to succeed. Especially in the media industry, employees will have to be creative and updated to achieve. Understand what motivates your employees to work more by maintaining an emotional connection with them. Create a world-class workplace using the Workplace Outcome Suite(WOS) developed by GotIncite. Integrate different departments of your company in one single platform using GotIncite's WOS feedback forms.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys


Improvise the onboarding process of your business


Understand and acknowledge the concerns of your employees by creating surveys on the same


Conduct customized surveys for different teams to obtain genuine feedback regarding their managers


Enhance the engagement of your workforce using the 360-degree employee feedback management system of the software

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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