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Employee satisfaction plays a huge role in the success of any organization. The new employee satisfaction goes beyond offering fat paychecks to employees. To satisfy the employees, any employer must first try to understand the employee’s opinion of its working culture. Insight 360 is feedback management software that helps organizations create a workplace outcome suite (WOS) survey. Gain insights into your employee’s expectations from the company and try to fulfill them to encourage them to increase their productivity in work.


Insight 360 - WOS

Have you noticed your employees well-being decreasing over the past few years? Studies are now showing that 1 in 4 employees are dealing with a significant life issue each year. In addition, employees are overall feeling more anxious and depressed.

Not only has the mental well-being of employees decreased, so has productivity. Many employers are partnering with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to support their employee's mental health needs.

GotIncite has developed a survey that promotes and ensures a positive EAP user experience. Our survey measures how effective the EAP program is at improving overall mental well-being for your employees. This type of survey is Called Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS).


Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) Survey

The WOS survey is a scientific survey used to measure the role and effectiveness of and EAP program being utilized in any organization. With this tool, your organization will assess and calculate the EAP programs’ impact on your employee's mental health and productivity in the workplace. 

The WOS survey uses five main factors:

Employee Absenteeism

Employee Presenteeism

Workplace Distress

Workplace Engagement

Life Satisfaction

These factors are tied with the employees emotional well-being and their impact on the workplace efficiency.

Employee Absenteeism

This portion of the survey focuses on absenteeism in the workplace. This factor gives details about the complete or partial working days on an employee. With GotIncite, business owners will monitor the impact of absenteeism on the financial revenue generated.

Questions are framed in a way that will get to the root of the problem, helping your organizations better understand what needs to be improved by the EAP.


Employee Presenteeism

Although your employees may be physically at work, that doesn’t mean that they are mentally present. Work Presenteeism is when an employee is physically present on the job but cannot be efficient and perform their job duties due to personal issues.

GotIncite calculates the productivity of the employees and their effectiveness at work.

Workplace Distress

Workplace Distress is when an employee feels their work environment is stressful. GotIncites survey measures the EAP’s role in improving workplace distress. In addition, we help your organization understand the workplace distress before and after EAP intervention.


Workplace Engagement

GotIncite measures how invested an employee is at their job. The measurement usually consist of three core concepts: cognitive, emotional and behavioral. This section of the survey will measure how efficient the EAP program is at targeting those three areas.

Life Satisfaction

This section of the survey focuses on the positive or negative feelings an employee has on his/her life. As a multi-dimensional analytic tool, GotIncite analyzes the impacts of EAP services in finding the overall satisfaction levels of an employee.

Over the years, GotIncite has helped many of our clients develop success WOS surveys. The survey results have helped them understand the emotional concerns and expectations of every employee and thus enhancing the organization’s growth. For more details on the product features and pricing, please contact us.


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