“Got Incite gets valuable insights from your customers and how they really feel about your services”

Maintain the Happy Bar of Your Patients High Always

Meet all your patient demands and deliver them the best healthcare services by collecting the digitized feedback surveys created by Got Incite Move 360. The move 360 is high-quality feedback software designed to enhance patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry.


Why is Got Incite the best feedback management software for the healthcare industry?

Got Incite enables the healthcare industry to collect data through digitized feedback surveys to ensure all medical professionals have the expertise, skills, and tools to provide world-class patient care.

Customer Engagement Surveys

Move 360 an inch closer to your patients daily by letting them make the best healthcare decisions.

Fill your waiting rooms with familiar patients by using the engagement tools to develop more concern for their well being after visiting your clinic. With these surveys, you can now track your patient’s satisfaction after every visit. Increase the time your administrative staff spends on patient engagement by letting them better streamline the office tasks.

Benefits of Using Customer (Patient) Engagement Surveys


Initiate the best first conversation with your patients


Identify your strengths and weaknesses that can help you get more patients visiting your clinic.


Involve more employees to help the patient's book appointments digitally and never miss an appointment


Understand and Acknowledge patients desires and expectations in the healthcare industry

Be the Most Preferred

There are millions of healthcare professionals across various countries globally. There is a high chance that the patients switch to another physician if they are unsatisfied with the services you offer. Be the most preferred clinic by providing them the best-personalized services using the engagement tools and surveys we offer.

Don’t let your patients miss a scheduled appointment.

Alert your patients to be proactive about their health. Reach out to them regularly by conducting surveys that can remind them of the appointments scheduled soon. It can also improve the number of doctor visits and thus increase rapport between you and the patients.

See Better Outcomes

Engaged patients generally seem to be more concerned about their well-being and can do their part of being responsible for the ongoing treatment procedures. It can accelerate the process of recovery of managing the health issues being faced. The quicker is the recovery time higher will be positive feedback in the healthcare industry.

Brand Management Surveys

Be a healthcare brand that assures people of living a healthy life.

The modern healthcare market is fiercely competitive. With increased healthcare services, consumer choices have also been gratified. To be chosen as the best one out of the numerous healthcare service options available, it is essential to be a brand that promises the trust audience to expect. Be a brand that is well-known by conducting surveys that gather the best feedback from your patients.

Benefits of using brand management surveys


Build a better competitive edge in the healthcare sector


Reach the short time and long time goals of our organization


Earn more referral patients from your existing patients


Maximize brand loyalty among the audience like never before

Track the Impact

Track your healthcare brand strategy amongst your patients with the surveys that include questions about your new services and the USP’s you offer. Surveys also help you to find unique USPs of your brand.

Bridge the gap

Bridge the gap between your patients and administrative employees by conducting surveys on your offer’s digital customer services. Teach your patients the methods to reach you when facing some troubles while using the services you offer.

Analyze the Surveys

With the tools’ innovative insights to analyze every brand survey, you circulate amongst your patients and employees. Acknowledge and implement the feedback or valid suggestions received from your patients via a study and try to improvise your brand strategy.

Employee Engagement Surveys

In an industry like healthcare, employees have to be highly engaged and alert to serve their patients. A slight mistake in the services offered might lead to the loss of the patient’s life. Employee engagement in healthcare has a severe impact on the mortality variation across various hospitals across the globe. Use the employee engagement surveys of Move 360 to increase the level of consciousness of your workforce.

Benefits of using Move 360 employee engagement surveys


Increased level of productivity while working


Enhanced safety concern towards patients


Deal with the patients empathetically.


Increase employee efficiency and lower operational costs

Data security

A frequent reminder to the staff in data security protocols is a tricky part. Constant review of who has access to high-value data assets to prevent malicious parties from causing harm is challenging. Got Incite Move 360 serves as a solution to these problems.

Follow up emails

Send follow up emails to all your patients who have stopped opting for your services using Move 360. You can also use the tool to send a gentle reminder email to those who have not yet responded to your first invitation through Got Incite Move 360.

Create relevant surveys

Use the survey logic and routing technology of Move 360 to build smart and responsive surveys. It entices your patients to respond more to the surveys. Maintain zero irrelevancy of every feedback questionnaire form you create from now.

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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