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In the digital world, predicting audience perspectives can be tough without actually getting genuine feedback. The paid surveys, online polls, and digital reviews have always been a powerful resource to attain the digital audience’s opinion on any business.


Got Incite has developed a survey that uses Emoji’s as an answering option. Using emoji’s as an answer option is one of the best ways to get the audience’s vision of your business. Emoji’s have become the universal digital language of the world. A recent study has shown that each day, over 10 billion emoji’s are used to communicate across various social media platforms.

Emoji- Survey-Software-Tool

Emoji Survey – Software Tool

Got Incite has developed the leading online emoji survey tool. With two different options, your business can reach your targeted audience with ease. This platform allows users to give genuine feedback in a way that they are familiar with.

Five Emoji Survey

This type of survey uses five different face emojis, ranging from unhappy to very happy. The respondents will be able o choose their answers based on their level of satisfaction. Below are the five different smiley answering options included as part of the survey.


Very Unhappy(Image)

This emoji is used when the customer is extremely dissatisfied. Respondents usually opt for this answer in the emoji survey when their satisfaction level is a zero of any particular product or service of the business. Customers opting for this answer usually do not return to the business if they are not reached out to properly after the survey is answered.


Unhappy (Image)

This emoji is used with the customer is unsatisfied. Respondents choose this emoji as an answer when their satisfaction level of any particular product or service of the business doesn’t reach their expectations.


Neutral (Image)

This emoji is used when the customer is feeling neutral about their experience. Users typically choose this emoji when they have nor formed any opinion yet, or their experience was mediocre.


Happy (Image)

The happy smiley emoji is used when the customer is satisfied with their experience. Users opting for this emoji are satisfied with the particular product or service of the business. These customers usually turn out to be promoters of the business.


Very Happy (Image)

The very happy emoji is used when the customer is extremely satisfied with their experience. Users using this emoji are very satisfied with the product or service of the business. These users are the most loyal customers of the business and can be reached out for proper feedback (testimonial, review, etc).

Slider Emoji Survey

The Slider Emoji Survey is the second type of emoji survey that Got Incite has created. This survey uses a single emoji as a slide scale option. This type of survey is used to measure the degree of a single emotion that the customer has towards a particular product or service the business offers.

Advantages of Emoji Survey


Visual Enhancement:

Emoji surveys are the most visually appealing surveys available. The smileys are best known to connect with human emotions and dig deeper on how the customer is feeling about your business.


Calculate The Emotions:

Measuring the true emotions of customers could be daunting task for any business. With the help of emoji surveys, any customer can represent their true emotions related to any particular product or service of a business. When your ultimate goal of a campaign, product or service is to find the true emotions of the users, a emoji survey gives you the desired results.


Increased Response Rate:

Emoji surveys have a higher response rate when compared to other surveys. This is because the audience likes to record their response in a form of emojis rather than normal radio buttons. They genuinely feel that their options are being valued with the help of an emoji survey.

Where to Use The Emoji Surveys?

Email Campaigns

After Interaction

Feedback when a new product or service launches

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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