Market Research Platform

You don’t need to be an expert in market research to obtain useful information about current and prospective clients. Got Incite provides a complete design to capture honest feedbacks of the clients in your tarted market area


Our survey platform is designed for home builders to obtain reports which contain accurate customer feedback. You'll be able to prepare a professional and a standard feedback form as part of your marketing plan.

With Got Incite, you will be able to ensure that you are meeting your customers expectations and providing excellent customer experiences. By ensuring this is taking place, you are setting up the path for a successful referral

Why Got Incite?

Make you stay ahead of competitors and provide the best customers services possible

Discover areas that need improvements in real estate and home building business. Customer's experience feedback fuels the real estate and home building business and a happy customer is one that is most likely to provide business referrals. 

Got Incite's retention management feedback easily pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses and will help to make necessary adjustments in order to keep the clients happy. 

The feedback form structure is a very simple, quick, and more effective way of collecting the opinions of the customer’s data.

Easily gather insight into how you can make the home-buying process even easier for your buyers with real estate buyer satisfaction analysis.

There’s no limit in creating the form.  Use our  already developed template, or complete a completely customizable survey.

Why-Got Incite



Get complete control over data

Gain visibility and control over data and users with centralized administration; use global settings to set and maintain standards.


Dedicated customer support

We have a dedicated email support team who can help you 24/7 and a dedicated customer support manager who can guide you through each step.


Strong security system

We have a strong system to secure all sensitive data and access controls.


Preview invitation

Feedback forms and emails can be previewed before sending it, to avoid mistakes.


Export data

Export the survey stats to PDF or excel to save your device archives.


Collaborate at scale

Design surveys together, share multiple surveys with the Workgroup, and easily set roles and permissions to support implementation.



Got Incite's online feedback customer satisfaction form automates the analysis from start to finish. Every information is gathered through the feedback form to your customers and collects the true data from each participant.

The dashboard can get up-to-date customer feedback on various aspects of your company. You can stay up-to-date with customer trends through regularly scheduled online analysis or email and receive instant customer feedback. It is always useful to learn how your customers are currently responding to all aspects of your business.

Customers retention: Customers like to be asked for feedback. It gives the customer the impression that your company values them; is committed to keeping them as long-term customers; and bases business decisions on their feedback.

Manage and control all the data collected from your company, know where you stand in the search engines and can add photos, videos, and promotions.

Ideas for an effective survey


Set the goal

Do you want to get more agents to show the property? Encourage potential buyers to view the property? Be clear about your main goal and ask questions to get the information you want.


Question type

Sometimes the most valuable information comes from the answers that are difficult to hear. "What can we do to improve your experience? "Every successful salesman learns from the misses — when they stop asking why.


Feedback after a sale

Be quick to send a feedback form immediately after a sale. Let your customers know that you care about every detail by sending a survey right after you have made a commitment. That would be the right time to measure your Net Promoter Score, too.

How it Works

Got Incite helps you save time and money by minimizing the paperwork and speeding up data collection.

Start building your company feedback form from scratch or let us know if we can build a one for you.


Form builder

Use a customized form from Got Incite and collect exactly what you need.


Smart fields

Know your customer information, and display the fields depending on what's relevant.



Create a design that matches your brand and industry and include your logo.



Dispatch your forms to your target audience and make sure that it reaches everyone.


Distribute form

You can sign in whenever your data operates well without interrupting your work.


View submission

Automatically email forms to anyone who needs to see them, from customers to co-workers, and even to other integrated systems.



Visualize the information you collect in a way that works for your business so that you can make faster, more informed choices.

Types of GotInsite analysis

Customer satisfaction analysis

Maintenance request survey

Vacation satisfaction analysis

Annual resident satisfaction survey

Community satisfaction

Maintenance follow up form

Lease renewal survey

Rental experience survey

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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