Get Valuable Insights from Customers

about your Services

Got Incite is the ultimate strategy for success at work, and will also bring a powerful shift in your company, a secure way to gather customer feedback and get it to work right away.

Got Incite not only helps to build the identity of the business, it also measures the satisfaction and identifies those who are dissatisfied and know what the future customers want.



Keep your company branding strong with Got Incite. We help you add your logo and customize the overall appearance of your page.


Template design

Want to find the best template, this feature allows you to go through a collection of questions and topics as well as discuss the respondents so you can select the correct interface and example for any specific survey.


Personalization Survey

Personalisation would be the main driver of marketing success. Got Incite provides a road map to companies to build in order to remain ahead of the curve.


Question Types

Users have the option of creating their survey with various types of questions. Options Button includes free text, single line, multiline, checkbox, drop-down, slider, and scale ranking. If none of these forms of question suits the user, customization is available.



This feature allows you to link your website to a survey; this is perfect for shorter surveys, so you only have to click on a single button.


Auto Saver

This feature helps you to catch up when your computer crashes or freezes right where you left off. You just click on the survey back, and it will save your previous work.



Many organizations have recently become skilled in using WhatsApp as a platform for collecting customer's data. Manage communications and customer requests at the same time via the web, transfer customers to the correct department


Export Data

Reports can be downloaded through Excel or CSV format to monitor specific data.


Report and Analytics

Survey responses are shown in the chart or other formats as soon as they are collected.


CRM & ERP Integrations

CRM and ERP systems are assets to the business, and Got Incite provides an option for you to integrate your CRM and ERP tools. 


SMS and Email Notifications

Unique links will be shared via SMS & Email as an invite to people for their feedback.


Easy Control Panel

You might be lost in infinite possibilities of Got Incite web server application. The control panel helps in solving your problems and makes it simpler for users.


Email and Chat Support

Our support system will help you with any concerns or answers to your questions regarding the Got Incite application via email and chat.


Training to Staff

It might be a challenge for your team to get adopted to the new app, and to make this as simple as that, we provide training to the staff on how to use the application.


NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Net Promoter Score is a management technique that can be used to calculate the satisfaction level of customer relationships within an organization.


Data Validation

Check all input fields, numbers, and email addresses to ensure accurate data.



We use authentication and encryption tools to make sure your data is safe on the web, at the Got Incite assessment tool, and in transit, only if you have access.


Special Notification

Send the respondents wishes & deals for their special days. Make sure to contact your customers within specified intervals.


Customizable Survey

Customize your surveys by selecting the layout, colors, and background photos for your goods and services.


Auto Email

Get Auto emails/alerts when submitting a survey form and send a pre-configured email to the user when the survey is complete.


Trend Report

Use trend reports to track the impact of the changes – collecting valuable evidence of better customer satisfaction, or when resolving new issues.

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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