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Customers Engagement

Know the connections between a brand and a customer. Highly engaged clients buy more, promote more, and show more loyalty. Providing high-quality customer experience is an important component of your strategy to engage your customers.


Effective Research

A successful customer engagement research concentrates on assessing consumer expectations on how well a company performs on the business' crucial success factors.

Identify Market Trends for Customer Engagement

A centralized customer engagement platform boosts your marketing trend by consolidating all your data from various existing systems and databases to create unique customer profiles.

Why Got Incite?

Got Incite allows customers to engage with business across a variety of different touchpoints and channels. All of these channels feed into one consolidated report.


Providing quality services is crucial. Measuring customer’s satisfaction and evaluating customer engagement programs is a challenge for the companies. Got Incite can help with that.

How to Measure Customers Engagement

Using Got Incite website analytics, your organization can track which customer visits the website most frequently and spends the most time on your website. You then use this information to cultivate these relationships with strategically placed pop-up surveys that are targeted to those who have viewed your website previously.

Measures customer engagement by tracking social media interactions including following, sharing, and commenting on content through networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Feedback from the online product review pages can also be useful for assessing customer engagement.



customer-engagement-customers information

Gathering Customers Information

Collect all of your customer data into a single platform and create relationships based on their behavior and insights through contextual messaging. Import data from your CRM system, payment system, mobile application, website, and more. Keep track of your customer data to create user profiles and broad audience segments to develop personalized marketing campaigns. Monitor customer activity and customer event behaviors in their profiles.

customer-engagement-efficient results

Efficient Results

Monitor results at each stage of the contact process and set targets for easy monitoring of transactions, control sales, downloads, signups, features used in mobile apps, and more.

customer-engagement-triggered automation

Event Triggered Automation

Create ongoing engagement experiences and timely interactions with event-triggered campaigns based on client actions, behaviors, and preferences on channels.


Engage Over Customers Preferred Channel

Reach customers on the platforms they prefer to improve the success of your campaign; like - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and several other chat apps, SMS , Email, Mobile App Messaging.



Gain Improved Feedback

Customers engagement surveys provide your business with the feedback of the customers thoughts and concerns. Determine the satisfaction level of the customers and gain valuable inputs.


Retain Existing Customers

Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by understanding they like and dislike. When a customer feels like their opinion is valued, they are more likely to continue to use your company.


Determine Customers Priority

Analyzing the results of your surveys will help your organization determine where improvements are needed.


Acquire New Customers

Customers will feel more confident and comfortable with the operation of your organization. Posting customer feedback is one way of showing potential consumers that your brand is open with its communication and that it values customer input.


Identifying Trends

Customer surveys are not intended to be one time thing. They should be continuous so that the company can recognize similarities or trends within the input received by the customers. Recognizing and adapting the trends to the company is one way of showing consumers that their voices are being heard.

Types of analysis

Customers Satisfaction At (CSAT)

Retention Survey

Point of conversation

Customers Effort Score (CES)

Net promoters Score (NPS)

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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