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The digital world is vast

With over 4.66 billion internet users, there is a million of data being generated every millisecond. Gathering, understanding, and analyzing the data generated could be a daunting task for any business. Surveys can be a great way to understand better the customers about how they feel regarding a particular company. 


It is easy to prepare offline questionnaire forms. But to create a digital survey, you need to put in a lot of effort as there are enormous data generated from different digital touchpoints like social media, e-mail, website, search engines, etc. To ensure that you create the best digital surveys, you will need survey software to make the most useful feedback forms.

At Got Incite provide the best questionnaire design software, catalyst 360, that helps businesses create the best feedback forms. The software allows the companies to enhance their customer experience by bridging the gap between customer care executives and their customers. The survey software can be used by banks, brokers, insurance firms, the credit union, and many others.

Features of Catalyst 360

Intuitive reporting format and survey dashboards

Easy to use questionnaire forms for different businesses like restaurants, digital agencies, travel, etc.

Question-wording, content, and format adjusting tools

Create customized URL tags

High sophisticated data analysis tools


Benefits of Using Catalyst 360

Understand the customers completely by gathering 360-degree feedback from them

Enhances the digital reputation of the business

Understand the customer preferences of different products and services of the business

Categorize the targeted feedback forms based on the demographics like age, gender, location

Use the intuitive style to gather feedback from more respondents.

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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