“Got Incite gets valuable insights from your customers and how they really feel about your services”

Emerge as the automotive business that prioritizes customer experiences before anything

Emerge as the automotive business that prioritizes customer experiences before anything

Use Got Incite’s feedback management software to deliver customer experience services that can increase your business’s sustainability in the long term. Get ready to be the next generation’s mobility providers by refining your customer services to align them with the new era digital world.


Join the race of the world’s best automotive brands and try to win it

Owning a car is the next dream after buying a house for many around the globe. The ongoing digital transformation made the internet a vital research tool for all automotive shoppers. To guide the customers along the digital journey, the automotive sector needs to be tuned and engaged with digital trends.

Use the Got Incite's experience management system to embrace the real power of customer data gathered from all the available online and offline channels of your automotive business. Join the race of top automotive brands by enhancing your automotive customer, employee, and brand experience with the help of meaningful surveys.

Customer Engagement Surveys

Drive-in customer loyalty by increasing the level of quality engagement

The buying decisions of the automotive industry highly depend on the customer service the company offers. To understand the customer needs and preferences, any business has to gather customer feedback in the first place.

Use the catalyst 360’s customer engagement surveys to gather unique data insights from each customer for every purchase they make or are yet to make. Try to listen to your customers before you talk to them. It can also help you boost the online reputation of your automotive business. Manufacturing high-quality vehicles doesn’t alone make you the best. To thrive in the competition, you will have to maintain a good pre and post-sale engagement with your customers.

Benefits of Catalyst 360 customer engagement surveys


Gather real-time data insights on customer feedback across various channels


Develop the capability to enhance the customer experience in every touchpoint


Create a unified customer view to boost up the engagement levels


Present the entire gathered enterprise information to the key decision-makers of the business


Target new audience for the website engagement

Address and attract the millennials

As per various automobile industry surveys, it is predicted that Millenials shall represent 45 percent of the car buying coherent by 2025. Most of the millennials are avid smartphone users. Thus, reaching them can be made relatively easy with the help of the customer engagement surveys created by Catalys360. The business owners can have a deep insight into their preferences, buyer behaviors, demographics and make the feedback forms that are to be answered by a significant number of millennial respondents.

Improve the after purchase service

The after purchase service is way more influential than the service offered before purchasing in the automotive industry. Use the catalyst 360 surveys to stay in touch with all the existing customers and their problems while using the vehicles. Ease the appointment booking process, vehicle drop-off, and pick-up for your customers by creating questionnaire forms that can help you gather genuine feedback from them.

Identify more digital touchpoints

Use catalyst 360 to create surveys on different digital platforms like SMS, E-Mail, Social Media, etc.. to find out your customers’ active mediums. It can help you target your audience effortlessly with more ease and convenience. Use the saved time to target new customers of the database and increase the chances of conversion.

Brand Management Surveys

Be an automotive brand that narrates the successful drives and rides.

Designing an automobile is a daunting task. There are many things like designing, manufacturing that goes into manufacturing each vehicle. To successfully launch a new product into the market, every automotive business has to establish itself as a reputed automotive brand in the first place.

Use catalyst 360’s brand management surveys to enhance the brand awareness of your business among the audience. Be the most recognizable brand by competing with your sector’s companies with the same customers as you do have. Project your brand as a solution to different problems that customers face in other regions.

Benefits of Catalyst 360 brand management surveys


Enhance the brand value of your business among the customers


Measure the brand impact with intuitive reports, dashboards available in the tool


Thrive the competition and stand out from the crowd


Design the products keeping in mind customers needs and expectations


Develop a brand strategy that targets potentials buyers and convert them into customers

Drive-in loyalty

Be a successful brand that has a vast base of loyal customers. The dedicated proof of customers makes a business a great brand. Increase customer loyalty by staying in constant touch with them and gathering feedback on their products. Use the feedback forms as proof for the returning customers and create a large community for your audience, which turns your business into a reputed brand.

Track brand performance

Track your brand performance across various channels by using the innovative dashboards and reporting style of Catalyst 360. Use the tool to find out the real KPI’s of your brand and its results over any period. Try to improvise on the obtained metrics by merging different reports of various mediums in one place.

Create a brand person

Define your brand voice with a brand persona that articulates your marketing language and messaging to your customers. Engage your customers as a brand that they would love to come back for any kind of interaction for any difficulty they face. Prove your customers how unique your automotive brand is and let them relate to “Who” you are as a business.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Engage your employees to drive your business towards success

Engage your employees and let them succeed in your business in the quickest time possible. Let them know their work is recognized and try to reward them for the excellent work they do. Teach your employees to maintain a work-life balance, which results in increased productivity at the workplace.

The automotive sector is highly volatile and associated with many risks. There will be many times when the business goes through rough patches. Use the catalyst 30 surveys to keep your employees motivated during the hard times. The feedback attained from the questionnaire forms can be used to recognize, train, and develop the employee’s abilities to a great extent.

Benefits of Catalyst 360 employee engagement surveys


Research, train and develop your employee's performance.


Acknowledge the importance of your employee's opinions and let them know it


Teach your employees to deal with customers in a more pleasing and smooth manner


Gain insights to retain top talents of your organization by conducting surveys that entice them to stay


Put the HR team into proper action to recruit highly skilled employees for your organization.

Reduce the Absenteeism

Absenteeism is a common problem that has a severe impact on the employee’s productivity and efficiency. Use the catalyst 360 surveys to find the reasons for your employee’s absenteeism and reduce absenteeism. It can lead to an increase in the revenue generated.

Merge different teams

Create a common platform to merge your organization’s teams and create a rapport between its employees. It makes it easy for every worker to communicate with their colleagues when required.

Create relevant surveys

Use the survey logic and routing technology of Catalyst 360 to build smart and responsive surveys. It excites your employees to respond more to the surveys. Maintain zero irrelevancy of every feedback questionnaire form you create from now.

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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