“Got Incite gets valuable insights from your customers and how they really feel about your services”

Be an exceptional airline brand with propitious customer service.

Use the Got Incite feedback management software to use real-time data insights to help airline brands get more close to their customers and evolve as the industry’s pioneers. Know your customers from all angles with the 360-degree feedback management system.


Fly high and stop not till you are the best be limitless

With the 360-degree feedback management system offered by Got Incite, airlines and aerospace businesses will analyze their customers and employees in detail and thus deliver world-class flight experiences to every customer who chooses them.

Improve the travel experiences in commercial flights and make air transportation the most comfortable mode of travel for your customers. Discover new communications channels and get feedback from various touchpoints using Got Incite's customer, employee, and brand surveys.

Customer Engagement Surveys

Engage and create the customer paths that lead to the purchase

Booking tickets, check-in, and the in-flight boarding journey might seem quite complicated for first-time travelers. Use the customer engagement surveys of Got Incite's Catalyst 360 to identify your customer path before landing your site.

Create surveys that can help you accompany the digital journey of your customers across every touchpoint. Deliver the best in-flight experiences and increase the repeat audience of your airline business. Alert your customers with the delays, weather predictions, wait times at check-ins to ease their flight journey.

Benefits of Catalyst 360 airline customer engagement surveys


Know the pain points faced by customers before and after their air trips


Utilize the dynamic dashboards to find the real-time issues faced by customers and resolve them immediately


Run different surveys to address customers at various stages of the sales funnel


Engage the passengers via various digital channels like SMS, E-Mail, mobile app, and website


Assure your customers the comfort and security they prefer while traveling on flights.

Delight, care and entertain your customers.

Know how your customers would like to feel in their flight journeys with the intuitive, customer-centric surveys of Catalyst 360. Deliver them whatever they have asked for during the expeditions. Satisfied customers always share their travel experiences and refer their friends and family to book tickets on your airlines.

Don’t just be viral on social media, but stay viral.

Increase your social media presence by collecting genuine feedback from your happy customers and post it on your social handles to attract more customers. Run social surveys that can help you identify your customers’ most preferred mode of booking, journey timings, and food options while traveling.

Follow- Up surveys

Run follow up surveys for the customers who have discontinued using your airlines. Find the path-breakers using the deep insights provided by Catalyst 360. Try to make the necessary improvements to get them back and continue booking trips on your airlines.

Brand Management Surveys

Be the most noticeable and reputed brand of the airline industry.

At Got Incite, we feel branding fuels every marketing strategy of the airline industry. We help the airline businesses to repeat business with specific elements that can enlarge the brand presence. We work consistently to develop all the airlines that come to us as a sum of consumers’ good brand experiences.

Come to us as an airline business; use our innovative, intuitive, and creative brand management surveys to establish yourself as an unremarkable airline brand in the industry. We are here to collaborate with the airline businesses that are thriving to stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Catalyst 360 airline brand management surveys


Enhance the brand presence among your customers


Create surveys that can help your audience join the community of your business and let them know the benefits of joining your community


Reflect your airline brand name stamp in a way better than before


Reassure your passengers of the safety and security issues associated with their flight journey


Build a customer persona after a deep level of understanding and analyzing different customer perceptions

Create effective content

Use the brand management surveys to determine the form of content that your passengers would love to read. Find out whether your newsletters, blogs, or social media posts are most informative and try to churn out more content of the same kind. It can entice new users to visit your website and book tickets when required.

Track the brand growth

Use the high-end software technology and intuitive reports and dashboards of Catalyst 360 to track your brand growth after every survey you create. Assemble the data of different surveys and merge them to develop one common brand questionnaire form consisting of the respondents’ most responded questions.

Sound different from being unique

Feed your USPs into your passenger's mind by running surveys that consist of questions related to your airline’s business’s unique features and offerings. Prove your audience you are just not the same by creating a unique brand image that differentiates you from your competitors.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Push your employees to perform better to achieve the best

Give your airline crew the power to serve your passengers for all they request. From the pilot to flight attendants and baggage handlers, the airline team holds the complete responsibility to offer their passengers sophisticated air trips to wherever in the world they travel. The managers can use catalyst 360's employee engagement surveys to train their teams to be engaged, accountable, and answerable to all the passengers they deal with.

Benefits of Catalyst 360 airline employee engagement surveys


Benefits of Catalyst 360 airline employee engagement surveys


Track the employee performance at every level and try to improve the productivity


Analyze the critical drivers of employee engagement, efficiency, motivation, etc.


Encourage managers to be more friendly and easily approachable to their teams.


Scrutinize the HR teams performance to improve the recruiting, boarding, and induction procedures

Predict the outcomes

Use the catalyst 360 surveys to determine the engagement, efficiency level of your employees and thus predict the investment you are to attain from each employee. Allocate more resources to the areas of high ROI and maximizes the overall revenue generated.

Create a common platform

Merge different teams and create one common platform to track customer-facing and non-customer facing teams’ performance. Capture the employee feedbacks through various channels like SMS, E-mail, In-App, etc...

Develop tranquil work environments

Ask your employees what type of work environment motivates them to work together and reduces absenteeism. Create the same ambiance at the workplace that encourages the employees willing to come to work daily. Create sessions that develop unity among the teams and make the business operations successful.

“We get valuable insights from the customers and how they really feel about your services".


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